SR9 石濤:花卉冊

SR9 石濤:花卉冊

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石濤: 花卉冊


1 芍藥圖
2 繡毬花圖
3 杏花圖
4 白菜圖
5 桃花圖
6 梨花圖
7 玉蘭圖
8 芭蕉圖
9 碧桃花圖
10 水仙圖
11 薔薇圖
12 梅花圖



1 芍薬図
2 繍毬花図
3 杏花図
4 白菜図
5 桃花図
6 梨花図
7 玉蘭図
8 芭蕉図
9 碧桃花図
10 水仙図
11 薔薇図
12 梅花図


Shih-t'ao : Album of Flowers

Shih-t'ao is grouped together with Pa-ta-shan-jen, Hung-jen, and Shih-ch'i as the " Four Monks Painters of Early Ch'ing, " but is the most versatile of them all. He established a strongly individualistic style and covered subjects such as flowering plants, orchid and bamboo, human figures, and landscapes. This work was produced in 1694, the same year as Pa-ta-shan-jen's album. The paintings in this set are partly in color and in ink, and embody a feeling of dignity in the unrestrained and free style. The distinctive calligraphy of the titles of the paintings shows unparalleled skill. The small universe created by the combination of calligraphy and painting of the twelve works in Shih-t'ao's masterpiece in par with his large works. ( Collection of the Shanghai Museum )

1 herbaceous Peony
2 Hydrangeas
3 Apricot Blossoms
4 Chinese Cabbage
5 Peach Blossoms
6 Pear Blossoms
7 Magnolias
8 Banana Tree
9 Peach Blossoms
10 Narcissi
11 Roses
12 Plum Blossoms


Ch'ing dynasty
lbum, 12 leaves / ink or ink and color on paper
商品寸法:45.5 cm x 35.0 cm

with booklet