SR8 八大山人:花鳥山水冊

SR8 八大山人:花鳥山水冊

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八大山人: 花鳥山水冊


1 雛鳥圖
2 芙蓉圖
3 菊花圖
4 鵪鶉圖
5 荷花圖
6 鴝鵒圖
7 山水圖
8 山水圖
9 吳昌碩跋




1 雛鳥図
2 芙蓉図
3 菊花図
4 鵪鶉図
5 荷花図
6 鸜鵒図
7 山水図
8 山水図
9 呉昌碩跋


Pa-ta-shan-jen : Album of Flowers and Landscapes

Pa-ta-shan-jen created an extremely original style of painting by inheriting Hsu Wei's bird-and-flower painting style and Tung Ch'i-ch'ang's landscape painting style, both of whom are Ming dynasty painters . This album contains paintings of unpretentious subjects which are depicted with daringly unique compositions and free brush strokes that result a pure and untrammeled atmosphere. The artist's independence and dissension as a member of the fallen Ming imperial court can be sensed in the expression of the eye of the bird standing on one leg. This work was created during the height of his career. ( Collection of the Shanghai Museum )

1 Chick
2 Mallow
3 Chrysanthemum
4 Quail
5 Lotus
6 Myna
7 Landscape
8 Landscape
9 Inscription by Wu Ch'ang-shih


Ch'ing dynasty
lbum, 9 leaves / ink on paper
商品寸法:52.0 cm x 45.5 cm

with booklet