P39 惲寿平・王翬:花卉山水合冊
P39 惲寿平・王翬:花卉山水合冊
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, P39 惲寿平・王翬:花卉山水合冊
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, P39 惲寿平・王翬:花卉山水合冊

P39 惲寿平・王翬:花卉山水合冊

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 惲壽平‧王翬: 花卉山水合冊


1 惲壽平:辛夷圖
2 惲壽平:牡丹圖
3 惲壽平:萱草圖
4 惲壽平:秋花圖
5 惲壽平:秋海棠圖
6 惲壽平:水仙圖
7 王翬:桃花漁艇圖
8 王翬:宿雨曉煙圖
9 王翬:古澗寒煙圖
10 王翬:紅林秋霽圖
11 王翬:盧鴻草堂圖
12 王翬:層巖積雪圖




1 惲寿平:辛夷図
2 惲寿平:牡丹図
3 惲寿平:萱草図
4 惲寿平:秋花図
5 惲寿平:秋海棠図
6 惲寿平:水仙図
7 王翬:桃花漁艇図
8 王翬:宿雨暁煙図
9 王翬:古澗寒煙図
10 王翬:紅林秋霽図
11 王翬:盧鴻草堂図
12 王翬:層巌積雪図


Yun Shou-p'ing and Wang Hui : Joint Album of Flowers and Landscapes

This album is a collaboration produced by the two painters in the eleventh year of the reign of the K'ang-hsi Emperor (1672) when they traveled together to I-hsing, Kiangsu province. These works are from the prime of both their lives, Yun then aged forty and Wang forty-one. Yun's flowering plants are luxuriantly colored but are filled with a pure atmosphere, and Wang's landscapes are rendered in tightly-knit brushstrokes and have a dignified flavor. These are the most superior works by the two painters who are positioned at the apex of early Ch'ing flowering plant and landscape painting.

1 Yun Shou-p'ing : Magnolias
2 Yun Shou-p'ing : Peonies
3 Yun Shou-p'ing : Day Lilies
4 Yun Shou-p'ing : Autumn Flowers
5 Yun Shou-p'ing : Crab Apple
6 Yun Shou-p'ing : Narcissi
7 Wang Hui : Landscape
8 Wang Hui : Landscape
9 Wang Hui : Landscape
10 Wang Hui : Landscape
11 Wang Hui : Landscape
12 Wang Hui : Landscape


Ch'ing dynasty
冊葉‧全12幀∕紙本‧水墨, 設色
lbum, 12 leaves / ink or ink and color on paper
商品寸法:40.0 cm x 58.0 cm

with booklet